Policy Priorities


Having failed to secure a majority in both the 2010 and 2015 General Elections, the Labour Party must now formulate new, credible and attractive policies in order to win again in 2020.

We have allowed the Conservatives to define the centre-ground and pool support from across the political spectrum. If we do not act quickly to counter this shift, we are likely facing defeat at the next election.

Below we have laid out a clear set of priorities which we believe are critical to producing a Labour Party which is seen as credible, electable alternative to the Conservatives and their years of austerity.

We now invite politicians, academics and think tanks alike to feed into this process and help us to formulate workable solutions to the challenges our Party faces post-Brexit.

John Mills Chair Labour Future

Party Unity

We want to act positively to help to unify and build bridges across the Labour Party and provide a broad-based forum for all Labour people to discuss policies through events, debates and discussions.

Working-class support

Help the Labour Party reconnect with its traditional working-class support base. Many working people have stopped voting Labour and feel alienated by its metropolitan culture. We are aiming to develop policies with MPs, Party members, Trade Unions and researchers to address this disconnect.


Develop a new approach to immigration; one that takes seriously the concerns of working people, and ensures that we have a system to protect local wages, public services and people’s sense of place.

Centrist voters

Develop a credible economic policy that will boost and sustain long-term economic growth across all parts of the country, and engage with the long-term structural failings of the British economy. We need to develop an alternative to Conservative austerity: a fairer economy would be a more productive economy.

National Question

Work for meaningful engagement across all the nations of the UK to see Labour popular throughout the whole of the country again.

Local Labour

Coming soon...

Labour Future is a new grassroots mass-membership campaign group, and we’d love you to join!

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