Labour is not fighting an easy general election. As we all know, the polls have not been running in Labour’s favour, but they have been inaccurate before and they may be wrong again. There could still be some surprises, including a much better result for Labour than most people have been expecting. 

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Theresa May suggests UK health services could be part of US trade deal

Theresa May has left the door open for the greater involvement of US corporations in British healthcare as she arrives in America to lay the groundwork for a future trade deal.

Ms May would only say that she was committed to a health service that is free at the point of delivery, but made no comment on whether the NHS would be off the table in any future talks.

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Brexit reshuffle

By Michael O'Sullivan

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party has produced yet another reshuffle of his short tenure, this is possibly his 5th reshuffle.

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One blunt heckler has revealed just how much the UK economy is failing us

There’s a lady I’ve been thinking about for the past few days, even though we’ve never met. She’s the central character in a true story told by the Europe expert Anand Menon. He was in Newcastle just before the referendum to debate the impact of Britain leaving the EU. Invoking the gods of economics, the King’s College London professor invited the audience to imagine the likely plunge in the UK’s GDP. Back yelled the woman: “That’s your bloody GDP. Not ours.”

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Free Movement Has Failed - Labour And The Unions Must Recognise It

That the impact of mass and unrestricted immigration in working-class communities was a significant factor in the outcome of the EU referendum is undeniable. Yet, despite compelling evidence demonstrating this truth, many on the Left seem determined to remain with their heads buried firmly in the sand.

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Hillary – globalisation’s latest victim

Why did Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election? The main reason is that globalisation, which has done wonders to living standards in much of the Third World, and which has also hugely benefitted the political and economic elite in the West, has turned out to be a lousy deal for too many other people living in most western countries, particularly the USA and the UK


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A prominent pro-Leave businessman thinks the government should consider pegging the pound to the dollar

A former Labour party donor turned prominent Brexiteer said the pound's crash will prove helpful for the British economy by lowering the country's balance of payments deficit, and rebalancing the economy away from services and towards manufacturing.

John Mills, the founder of consumer company JML, told journalists on Tuesday that a cheap pound would make British exports more competitive, boosting economic growth.

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Half UK budget deficit 'is down to job destruction in older industrial areas'

The enduring impact of closing factories and shutting coalmines in the 1980s has been revealed in new research showing that the drain on the exchequer from former industrial areas is responsible for up to half the government’s £55bn budget deficit.

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The closing of the liberal mind

 The folly of the masses has replaced the wisdom of crowds as the dominant theme of our politics. By John Gray

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A weak pound is no tonic for UK's long-term economic recovery

A tumbling pound is the defibrillator shock that Britain’s ailing exporters desperately needed to halt their terminal decline. That’s the message repeated on an almost daily loop by economists for Brexit.

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