IS THIS THE END? Labour needs to back tighter immigration controls and a manufacturing revolution to save party, major donor warns

John Mills says the party will lose over 100 MPs at the next election unless it reconnects with working-class voters.

LABOUR will lose 100 MPs at the next Election unless it backs tighter immigration controls and a manufacturing revolution, the party’s biggest private donor claims.

John Mills said Labour would be “finished” as a political force unless it reconnects with blue-collar Brits who voted in droves to back a Brexit.

He said Labour had to back restrictions on the huge numbers of EU nationals able to come to Britain.

The multi-millionaire – who has ploughed a fortune into Labour coffers – said he backed an Aussie-style points system to limit new arrivals while allowing highly-skilled foreigners across the Border.

And he called for a second industrial revolution to entice manufacturers to relocate to the UK and create more jobs for working class people.

“If we don’t do this, the Labour party is going to be finished,” he said...

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